Belkin Router Setup With Comcast Tutorials

Belkin Router Setup With Comcast  Tutorials

It’s considered quite primitive if you’re stuck using wired hubs to get access to the internet in excess of one computer. Just about all homes and particularly companies around the world have switched to wireless hubs, therefore which makes it simple for all to obtain access to computer systems. Despite the fact that so many people are utilizing it, it doesn’t imply that they don’t face trouble with it. This short article provides you with tutorials regarding the best way to perform the correct Belkin router setup just in case your Isp is Comcast.

Belkin Router Support  The Following

If you face an issue with your router, you typically hurry to locate Belkin router support. The below given instructions will remove that require just in case you need to configure your Belkin router with Comcast:

The initial step requires you to definitely totally reset your modem. This can be done by striking the totally reset button situated usually at the rear of your Belkin router. Perform the same goes with your modem too after which go onto connect the cables within the needed ports provided at the rear of your router.

Connect a cable in the first port to the rear of your pc which you want to put together the router.

Open Ie or even the internet browser that you employ and kind in in the address bar of the browser. Once you hit enter, you’ll be requested a password. To put it simply admin within the username and then leave the password area blank. Hit next.

You’ll certainly be moved towards the status page of the router. Just click on initial setup and go onto choose the dynamic address area. You’ll now notice a different screen which you should click clone mac address. Hit enter.

The Belkin router that you’re using will show the same address of mac, similar to the one on your pc. You’ll now have the ability to access internet easily.

The above mentioned instruction will show you in setting up your Belkin router, therefore you wouldn’t have to search anywhere looking for Belkin support. Simply stick to the instruction and also have wireless connectivity.